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Why OCD sucks for me/entrepreneur/anyone?

I welcome you all to the raw story of OCD which is / was part of me. This may or may not help you, but I just wanted to motivate other people who may relate their problems to mine which I have faced with great guts.

Well, the first thing I would love to tell is; I have kept the word “Entrepreneur” in the title because I am just relating to myself and it doesn’t mean that OCD doesn’t suck for anyone else other than entrepreneur.

Let us have some look at, what the fuck is OCD? You may just want to go and search over the web. OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. That’s sufficient as you will surely go ahead and look into more information about it.

How this suck(ed)s for me during entrepreneurship?

I have faced this whenever the customer spoke something which talked about me personally, even though others felt it as lighter note or just kidding types, I used to question them “What did they mean?” and they used to feel I am arrogant while I see it as my right to clarify till that person was my friend whom I understand (His / Her intentions). Well, I did not attend the meetings with other people just because they felt I would be straight-forward (Or arrogant Ha ha). People, I just spoke my thoughts or conveyed them; it is like “Aap kare to chamatkar, hum kare to balatkar”. I speak for myself and that irritates people, Awww! that hurts! However, nowadays I am more calmer and I speak what is required instead of wasting my time giving explanations when they think (I am arrogant is what they think and they think I am a psychotic or adamant or crazy or whatever crap! I see myself as a Genius). I seriously feel people need to understand “Art of speaking” big time.

To me, a customer is a human-being just like me and there is no one is like superior and inferior. We are doing business and let us do that, we aren’t doing any favour to each other. Period.

Now, a bit of history (Let me take you to my past)

If I go back to my high-school days or engineering days, I can remember that it started from there. I never knew that it was OCD for several years and I got to know recently (Few days back) that I may be suffering from OCD. How I got to know that? I reached the limit where I was so much pissed off with OCD activities, I just started doing some research over the web and found some of the symptoms that matched my behaviour.

Some of the symptoms that I can share which I faced in my life,

1. Reading the same page again and again just because I had some thought in my mind which used to say, I got to re-read it or else something bad may happen. Well, that helped me in revising so much (Grins) if I have to look at the optimistic part. However, the other side sucked to the core.

2. While walking on the road, I see a tree on left hand side to me which is like few meters far, and I have some number in my brain & I want to cross that tree with so many steps no matter what. If I fail to do that, then it haunts me for several days.

3. And when I am getting up from my bed, should I get up from left or right? Now, this is not superstitious thought, it is more to do with people whom I did not like. Example: If a person who fought with me lives somewhere on the right-hand side to me geographically, I would not like to get up from that angle. That was okay, till people from all the directions fought with me. In that case, I shouldn’t be getting up at all (Laughs).

These are few that I wanted to share. If we meet, I can share more details. Before you continue to read, I want to say that; I am sharing this because it may help someone who is suffering.

What have I learned from OCD as an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur has motivated me to reduce the OCD because I cannot afford to keep giving OCD as an excuse, I am fighting the OCD demon very badly. It keeps coming back to me again and again, however I love to kick it back again and get back. This has got me some strength in how I make decisions or quickly I get over the disappointment in my entrepreneur journey. As kids, we have heard people saying “Everything happens for good”, I think no kid may understand it at that age; but when one grows up he / she may see things in optimistic way and convert the weakness (as the world sees it) into great strength while one overcomes OCD.

Admitting that I have OCD makes me feel lighter from inside and that helps me reduce my OCD level.

Can OCD be cured?

Well, the science says that it is a disorder and disorders can be controlled, but here I want to say; disorder or whatever fuck it is I have the faith that I can overcome it completely soon and I am working towards it. I bet!

To all the (wannabe) entrepreneurs, here is what I want to shout-out,

  • Fuck how others treat you, you bloody know yourself better than anyone. Just keep doing that.
  • It is very easy to fall down and very challenging to get up. I do not want to use word called “difficult” instead of challenging, because “difficult” word makes it look like non-challenging. If you love doing something, then there are challenges and nothing is difficult. Face them.
  • We see a lot of quotes on Facebook shared by our connections, well; those are temporary fixes for your problems. Stop believing in fairy tales and accept the raw life. Embrace the life, everything looks beautiful. Stay Calm, Stay Happy!
  • Open up, that will make you feel lighter however; watch out for critics that will come on your way. Come on people, critics are nothing in-front of your abilities, handle them peacefully and calmly. Have defensive mechanisms to cut the negativity and have bloody positivity filled around you.
  • Go for vacation, take a break, do what makes your endorphin levels go high. Period.

Closing Notes

If being an entrepreneur was a cake-walk, then it would be so easy to do by so many people on this planet. If you have been entrepreneur (Followed your heart) and you are facing different kinds of challenges (Be it personally or professionally; everything boils down to LIFE), you got to feel proud that you are a strong soul. That got to make you smile! Not that other people are not strong soul, everyone is a strong soul, if he / she lives his / her life the way he / she wants to without affecting other people. Way to go!

To people who want to know more about my experience being an entrepreneur and facing OCD challenges in my (personal / professional) life, talk to me. Here is my phone number: 9880952643 or else tweet to me @santhoshst. Let us talk. When we speak we feel lighter. However, I can share every bit of my life in detailed way based on my feeling if one wants to listen and not comment or debate on my life topic or judge me based on what I speak. If you agree to this agreement, then go ahead and get in touch with me. Lots of love to everyone!


I’m a ROCKSTAR and I know it.


Tip #1 – Test Data: Creating exact file size using DOS command utility.

Let us say you wanted to test file upload feature in web application and the maximum file upload size is 3 MB. Now, you search in your local computer to see whether you have 3MB file and finally you see that you do not have exact 3 MB size for any file. Now, what do you do? Will you open *.txt and start entering characters and keep checking if the file is showing 3 MB? Well, that can be done; but it is time consuming and crude way of doing it. We call ourselves engineers, let us do it in cool way.

For windows user, you can just try this command on your DOS prompt;

fsutil file createnew enter_your_filename_here enter_the_number_of_bytes_you_want_to_create

Example: fsutil file createnew myprofilepicture.PNG 12000


Tip #2 – Converting image formats from one to another in bulk

Let us say, you took a lot of screenshots and finally you see that they have lot of file size as you saved them as *.BMP which is why they show up big file size. Now, you want to convert all of them to light-weight file sizes format which could be JPG or PNG. How would you do that? Keep opening every image one by one and again “Save as”? Again, crude way. What if the screenshots that you took are like 100+ images?

Now, let us show you some way where you can change the file formats in few seconds for large number of image files whose format is *.BMP

Download ImageMagick from

You have a command which you can execute once you install the software successfully!

Here is the command,

convert filename.BMP filename.PNG


Well, you need not keep writing the file names every time you need to change the file format. You may want to collect all file names of BMP using DOS command, I will not let you know about this. I want you to figure out this while I have given you the command for conversion. You can run list of commands using Excel or *.bat (Batch file). Go, explore!


Tip #3 – Compare the build files for every new build.

The first activity that needs to be done from a tester could be, comparing the new build files with the stable build which has complete set of files. With this activity, one can get to know if some file is missing and a high alert can be raised to the development team to fix it and check-in new build files to start the testing activity. This can happen if you have access to the source code repository. Most of the testers do not even want to get access to the source code repository and have an assumption that, they are not allowed to do so, while it was just one e-mail sent to the development team your test manager so that he / she could get you the access. For doing this you can use “Beyond Compare” which has folder compare which compares file by file. If some file is missing, then you can get to know at the early stage and you get to know something if fishy with the new build.


Tip #4 – SysInternals Suite – Use them and find out how every utility can help

I have been a fan of Sysinternals Suite utilities. They are tiny, yet bloody powerful. I personally have used it since my school days for various activities, oh yes; being a hacker these tiny little chaps help me in doing a lot. I bet, you cannot ignore yourself from falling in love with them. Every tiny utility helps me identify the tests that I can do. It is like reverse engineering, I use the utility and then identify how this utility can help in my testing activity. Try them at your convenience and you may love them.

Why Security Testing Sucks?


We have known this for long time and it is hard to figure out the reasons behind, “Why management doesn’t agree to this or why management doesn’t understand this”. It could be a business reason finally however, not at the cost of sensitive data leakage of the customers. It takes a technical guy who knows what is hacking and it’s after effects. And only such person may make a decision in a appropriate way.



One of my student enrolled into Ethical Hacking course, and finally once he scored great marks in it; I asked him to hack into WiFi network of neighbor by giving him a laptop. His response was, “I cannot do it, I only know the tool name which can do that and that is AirCrackNG”. Now, ethical hacking course looks like more of a tool-smith where you remember the tool name and just run it without having the mind-set or skill-set which plays a great role in this profession. So, if you are hiring people who has done ethical hacking course, you may want to re-think about, “What else that person need to have as skills?”



In my experience, I have seen product owners going live with vulnerabilities open and I advocated that, it is a bad idea. The reason they provided were, developers do not believe that it will happen anytime. Another reason was, these are the only requirements and the code works according to the specifications. That sounded weird to me. I would be happy if you had said, you do not have skills to do it or you just wanted to not fix it for whatever reason. Last, but not least; it is not only the developers but also testers or test manager in the team who would deny that it needs a fix. Like Gerald M Weinberg says, it is always people problem!



We collectively lack the number of white hackers who could fight the black hat guys. However, I see the change happening and I am man of patience. Things that take time will take time. And the people who claim they are passionate white hat hackers end up in knowing some tools / utilities very well or some techniques and the learning stops there. That doesn’t make white hat hackers cool, what makes them cool is to deep dive into learning more and more and not settling for less. Let us hope for the best in the future.


Most of the testers want the easy way out. I interact with many testers in India in different cities, most of them do not want to use Notepad++ when I tell them about it; they say “I am able to do it in Notepad”. My point is not about not using Notepad if it works for you, it is about “Knowing what Notepad++ has and may be you can do it more effectively and get more ideas while working with it”. Likewise, most testers lack bug advocacy; not only in security testing but many other quality criteria as well. Well, no good thing comes easily. Difficult is different and challenging word is different. Bug Advocacy is challenging and not about easy or difficult.


In some organizations, testers are asked for the code fix as developers may find it tricky bug or could be challenging to fix it. Now, testers may provide an algorithm or logic to help and sometimes provide the code as well. And yes, it is easy to feel like an expert and stopping your learning. Well, the best example could be “Santhosh Tuppad” who thought he was great at security testing (Well, the fact is he didn’t think; but the world thought and still thinks). Here is what I would love to say, while the world is wanting to become famous in whatever reason, I would love to go back to my learning mode and learn how much ever I can in anything that I like before my death.

Following my heart in both my personal life and professional life has been giving me great happiness and happiness matters to me a lot.

While the title reads, “Why Security Testing Sucks?” I am game for making great things happen in security testing and I am not going to settle for less. People just shy away from anything that sucks, it is their will; no comments on that. Well, I want to go ahead and do great in security testing craft along with other quality criteria in Software Testing.



Happy Mother's Day Mom :) I love you!

My Amma (Mother)


Beautiful lady in the picture is my mom who has been taking care of me since I was a baby. She never got tired of me with my stupidity, irritating moments, fights & lot more. She has great energy even today to support me in living my life happily. I have learned many things from her & I love her a lot for always being there for me. In summary, she is the only one on this planet earth who understands me very well.

Never give up when you love something

I have given her a lot of pain, but she always gave me unconditional love. I never understood her pain, while she gave me so much of happiness by loving me so much without any conditions. She is a great fighter in her life. Sometimes I think, she has been cooking, washing clothes, taking care of us when we were ill! And she never gave up. That’s a learning for me from my mother that, “Never give up” when you love to do something. I say this to my mom, I will learn cooking and feed you as I’m big enough and mature enough to take care of you now.



Give without expecting to receive

 When I look back, whatever she has done for me; it was not with any intention of receiving it back. It was like, “Son, I have got your back; go and do what you love to and be happy”. Today, I give to people or community or help people without expecting anything back, and trust me; I feel like I’m on Cloud 9 when I do that.


My childhood days

I still remember how she used to console me when I used to cry for several reasons. I still remember, the Rice and Dal Rasam she used to make it for me and used to walk to my school during lunch hours to feed me. I had fantasy towards remote control cars & toys, she never said “No”; somehow she used to manage the money and get me those which could make me smile. She could never see my hurt, it used to hurt her in turn.


My Engineering days

There were days when she wrote my assignments so that I could rest (I’m laughing while I write this). When I used to sit late night hours to study before the exam, she used to be awake and get me fresh fruit juice or be it some snacks while she also cared about my sleep. I had a great moral support from her. She is my hero.


She doesn’t get irritated towards my stupidity, instead she helps me!

I have this habit of over thinking or sometimes it could be Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Well, most of us have it in different levels is what I feel). Most of the people get irritated when I speak certain things or dig something or get stuck on one topic for longer time, but my mother has hell of patience when it comes to his son. She listens calmly, she doesn’t argue, she doesn’t get irritated; the only reason she does it is, she wants to be happy and she knows what I have been through and I am going through.


During my “Entrepreneur” days

She never questioned, “Why?” Instead she said, go ahead and do what your heart says. That’s important for your life. Do not take things into your head what the world says about you or about the things that you want to do in your life, be it personal or professional; just go ahead. Just be happy my dear son, this is what she says always. Love You Amma (Amma is equivalent word in Kannada language in Karnataka, India).


HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Well, it is just one day, but I would like to see you happy always like how you want to see me happy always. So, “Happy Mothers Day To You Always”. My wishes go to all the mothers in the world!

Last, but not least; I love my pappa (Father) a lot and not to forget that I love Rice + Dal Rasam prepared by him whenever my amma (Mother) would be not keeping well. And my elder brother “Sandeep Tuppad” rocks too. He has been there with me in my ups and downs in life when there was great need of someone who could support me. In summary, my family is great & I love my family.

Finally, this blog post is very short to write about my amma. She rocks like her lovely son, that’s me :)