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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Indian testers are blogging – Are you missed out?

It has been a year since I started blogging. Initially I started with TestersBlog, then RookieTester & now is the final blog and I won’t be creating yet another blog. From the time I started my blog I knew many bloggers but now the number has increased drastically and Indian testers are blogging consistently. […]


Designing error messages – A Challenge

I see in some of the products functionality is very robust but poor design of error messages and some of the testers are blind to them even without testing them. As a programmer or a tester you might understand what the error is when even it is not well formed. But put yourself in customer’s […]

Help customers in requirement phase

The first stage of Software Development life cycle is to collect the requirements. I should say that I have seen many products which are poor in one or the other quality criteria. A business analyst of a requirement analyst collects the requirement by meeting the customer or talking to a customer. What goes wrong is […]

My Interview Experience – I failed in Write Up exam

After Pradeep Soundararajan’s training got over, I was wandering Bangalore looking for testing openings. I got e-mail from THAT organization [ Government based ] which read I am shortlisted for interview for Test Engineer position [ I was happy ]. I called their office and they told me to contact HR. Then I contacted HR […]

Heuristics – Form your own – Share them

Pre-requisite for going through this blog post is to know about “Heuristics”. Please know about it and then continue further reading. Most of you might use Heuristics in your testing activity. You might be using what are already available, but how about you forming your own heuristics which would be more useful for you and […]