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How test team and management impacts on the product quality

There was a tester named Jai and he joined an organization as a fresher. Most of them thought, Ah! He is a fresher and he does not know much about testing. But, I must say that Jai figured out that he knew much more than those who were working with them. Whenever he used to find a bug and communicate the same with team members he got different set of reasons which were neither appropriate nor suitable.

Few reasons he got were,

– What you are saying exists from ages (Many years) and no one has complained about it

– It is as-designed (Discrepancy in Requirement Analysis?) – It is not affecting functionality

– No user would try to do that (This is a famous one)

Later, Jai came understood something. Jai used to consult his team members before reporting a bug. But, later he started without consulting them and none of them questioned why you did not consult me / us. But until and unless management wants to bring a change, there is no chance that can happen.

Who is Management? (According to Jai’s context)

– Test Lead ( Manages team)

– Senior Test Engineers

– Test Manager (THE BAD GUY – Many a times)

I keep thinking, why Jai did not raise a question to his Test Manager or Test Lead and challenge them. But I feel that he will do it one day and that day I will be happy. However, management has to shoo ego factor out of them.

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