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Daily Archives: March 14th, 2010

Test Ideas for Image Button or Image Hyperlink

Here is the list of test ideas for Image button or Image hyperlink. These are like triggering points. But you have to think in different scenarios while you are testing image button or image hyperlink. Apply different scenarios and you can find more problems with image button / hyperlink. Feel free to write to me […]


Usability – Modeling different kind of end-users

While testing for usability I model myself as different kind of users. But, before doing so; I always try to know about for who this product has been developed. This helps me not to fall in the trap where I will be wasting my time as well as effort in modeling different kind of users […]

How to reproduce the non-reproducible bugs?

You might have come across this (Blog post title) kind of statement many a times in your organization. You reported a bug and next morning developer calls you and asks, “Could you please help me in reproducing this bug which you have reported”. You try to reproduce it by following same steps in your bug […]

How to test Flash Applications?

As you must have read my Introduction Part I for Flash applications, today I thought of providing few test ideas that might be of your help in your testing activity with respect to Flash application(s). #1. Know the platform on which flash application has been developed #2. Depending on #1 try to search for any […]

Customers need better testers and not Six Sigma or ISTQB certifications

Customer: I want to get my product tested Organization: Sure, we have so many head counts Customer: What process or methodology do you follow? Organization: We follow Six Sigma and our testers are ISTQB certified Customer: Ah, cool. Let’s complete the required formalities to kick off the project Organization: Sure NOTE: This discussion is modeled […]