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Customers need better testers and not Six Sigma or ISTQB certifications

Customer: I want to get my product tested

Organization: Sure, we have so many head counts

Customer: What process or methodology do you follow?

Organization: We follow Six Sigma and our testers are ISTQB certified

Customer: Ah, cool. Let’s complete the required formalities to kick off the project

Organization: Sure

NOTE: This discussion is modeled by me.

What do you understand by the conversation that went above? Do customers also need to be educated? May be the customers are not exposed to the good stuff that’s why they become excited listening to BIG words like Six Sigma, ISTQB certified.

Here is one situation I had with one of the tester,

I was communicating with one of the tester and found out that he is really poor in recognizing spelling mistakes because he doesn’t know how to spell some words. His grammar was very poor. My question is how can such a tester do usability testing? But, that tester is paid well and working for one of the reputed organization (Shhh! Not that organization). After communicating with him I figured out he is ISTQB certified (Don’t be shocked). I see that tester as poorly developed machine as he did not even execute test cases properly but used to work like a robot and not as a human.

But, that organization is getting many projects? How? Because, they follow great process which are really not great. I think process models are on the goal to make humans as poorly developed machines.

So, I personally think we also need to educate customers who own the product to choose the organization to outsource their product to be tested.

Let’s hope, that time comes soon.

Sometimes I feel that by writing these kind of blog posts am I really spreading ISTQB. Please do not fall into this trap thinking that these process models and certifications are famous just because you get too many results while searching on Google or Yahoo.


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