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Winner of uTest Bug Battle – Top Tester & Best Bug 1st place

Little bit of History of my participation in uTest Bug Battle ( My First uTest Bug Battle )

My first uTest Bug Battle participation was Q4 2009 E-Tailers. I participated in it but, as it was first Bug Battle for me I did not have much information about it. However, I was awarded with “Honorable Mention” which was an encouragement for me to compete more in consecutive Bug Battles.

My second uTest Bug Battle

With communication through e-mail I had with Peter Shih ( uTest – Community Manager ) I got to know about uTest forums through which I can keep myself updated with uTest community. I thank him for his suggestion and it happened so that I fell in love with uTest forums where I started participating in each and every discussion, encouraging more uTesters to participate actively and participated in Mobile App Testing Logo competition also ( Awaiting for the formal result ).

Then it was time for my Second uTest Bug Battle Q1 2010 where major TV networks portals had to be tested. There were 908 bugs reported totally out of which one of my bug which was reported got an award of 1st Best Bug. I was happy to see me awarded Top Tester also in uTest community ( I don’t know but the efforts I had put in during this Bug Battle made me to expect that I would win two awards and it turned to be true ).

To see the results announced at uTest portal, please click here

I thank uTest team for creating such a wonderful community for Software Testing professionals. Great work. Keep it up *smiles*.


I have been as a software tester for over 5 years. I am a hands-on tester and I've been winning bug battles & testing competitions across the world. I am a testing enthusiast, who conducts free workshops on security testing across India (Covered locations: Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad & Chennai. Invite him to come to your location), and monthly meets for testers in Bengaluru. I am also an avid testing blogger.

My interests include traveling, driving my SUV, health & fitness and many others. I mentor budding entrepreneurs, testers, teams in any profession.

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  1. Mohit Verma wrote:

    Thats amazing…Top two awards belongs to you..Heartiest Congratulations to you man, Its a big day….Lets enjoy the success and Best of luck for future…:)

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at 8:49 pm | Permalink
  2. SanthoshTuppad wrote:

    Thank you very much my friend :)

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at 9:03 pm | Permalink
  3. Prem Phulara wrote:

    Hi Santosh,

    It would be interesting to know about the Bug that got selected for Ist prize. I’m sure many testers can learn and understand the parameters that a good bug should have.


    Thursday, March 18, 2010 at 3:08 am | Permalink
  4. SanthoshTuppad wrote:

    >>It would be interesting to know about the Bug that got selected for Ist prize. <<

    I understand your concern and curiosity but I must say that I am not aware of what bug was chosen as Best Bug and I do not know if uTest would reveal the information or not to me or public. As the public announcement has been made just few hours back I would wait patiently to see if it could be revealed by uTest :)

    >> I’m sure many testers can learn and understand the parameters that a good bug should have. <<

    It is not likely that, a good bug should always have higher severity. It also includes how a bug could make an impact on product, business, end-users etc. That is where Investigation, Observation, Bug Reporting skills come into picture. It doesn't mean that always a bug in security quality criteria need to be a best bug *smiles*. Testers should learn different skills to show the value of the bug that they have found or will be finding in their testing activity *smiles*.
    Prem, I hope my reply would suffice for your concerns :)

    Thursday, March 18, 2010 at 7:56 am | Permalink
  5. I wish you coach testers and I sit in your class.

    Thursday, March 18, 2010 at 8:40 pm | Permalink
  6. SanthoshTuppad wrote:

    @Pradeep Soundararajan,
    That day will come soon sir :)

    Friday, March 19, 2010 at 10:44 am | Permalink

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