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Heuristics – Form your own – Share them

Pre-requisite for going through this blog post is to know about “Heuristics”. Please know about it and then continue further reading.

Most of you might use Heuristics in your testing activity. You might be using what are already available, but how about you forming your own heuristics which would be more useful for you and easy to remember. Once, I was a beta tester for a Dating application where I had to test countdown timer. During those days one day I was traveling by auto-rickshaw and here auto-rickshaw drivers are geeks when it comes to altering the meter so that they can get more money ( Not all auto drivers but most of them ). There might be meter jumps abruptly at some time. I thought may be Dating application with Countdown timer might also have such issues knowingly or unknowingly. That was my Heuristics and Sharath Byregowda’s License Plate Heuristics was another.

When you invent some heuristic or discover some heuristics or give different name for existing heuristics ( Different name for your convenience because you might find it easy to remember or sometimes it might happen so that the different name heuristic gave you a trigger to invent new heuristic ) please share it with testers which is a good contribution to Software Testing community.

Heuristics Cheat sheet

Form your own cheatsheet to help in your testing activity. Your cheat sheet might be specific to your project or product which is good. Sometimes Test Ideas too act as heuristics.

Reference Tool

Download Session Tester [ Also includes Heuristics Cheat sheet by Elisabeth Hendrickson ]


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