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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Bugs are smart? Aren’t they?

I love bugs and love to play with them ( I play hide and seek game with them, where bugs hide and I seek them ). But, I also understand that some bugs are smart. So this post talks about how a tester fails to recognize a bug even if it was in front of […]


Test Cases – Why do I hate them?

Some of the testers who I have interviewed who hate test cases have provided me the list which makes them hate test cases. Please look at the list below why test cases are being hated, Excel sheet makes my head ache Switching to excel and product to follow a test case looks like data entry […]

Testers think – Management expects them not to think

While meeting a tester from different organization I feel that some of scripted testers do not think. But, after being in constant communication with them I understand that they are good at thinking. But, what stops them is management. I really feel bad about this attitude that management has. How they make testers to get […]

7 reasons testers usually give when asked to blog

Till date, I have asked few testers to blog. Different testers give different reasons of not blogging. Here are the reasons that they have given me, I need to know what is blogging before I blog ( And they don’t try to know ) I am not good at writing ( When you were born […]

Sometimes I am afraid of my content helping fakers

While talking to Sharath Byregowda, he mentioned that he is afraid that my content might be helpful for fakers who want to clear the interviews or any kind of fakers. By him being afraid he also made me afraid. Sometimes, I feel that I should stop posting “Test Ideas” to stop people using my content […]