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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Most of the testing institutes misguiding fresher’s

In this blog post I am highlighting about testing institutes misguiding fresher’s by not teaching REAL Software Testing. Today, I see these fresher’s who join organization as a Software Tester ask for questions like, –          Where is / are test case document(s)? –          Where is requirement document so that I can start testing? –          Can […]


Gmail Registration Bugs – My test report

Dear readers, you must have read my blog post before few days. I had said that I will be publishing the test report of Gmail registration form. I am publishing my report today. Please go through the PDF document below. Click Here to view the test report of Gmail registration form. Update on Gmail bugs […]

Computer Locked – Login screen issues with Microsoft Windows

While I locked my machine I saw a login screen, I thought of testing it to find bugs which I love to do always. Bug #1: It says press Ctrl – Alt – Del to unlock this computer My view: Generally while speaking verbally we say press Alt [ plus ] Control [ plus ] […]

Documentation Testing

I had tested a product before a year ( Beta tester ) and the product was released to the customer. After a year, I was invited to be beta tester again. There were documents which conveyed what has been changed from the last year. After testing those changed modules other testers said it is ready […]

Testing Image / Advertisement Banner

Most of the testers while they are doing testing become blind to mistakes in the image. They see whether the image loads properly but they miss out spelling or grammatical or usability mistakes in the image or advertisement banner.  Advertisers use banners to catch the eyes of user so that users get to know about […]