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Testing Image / Advertisement Banner

Most of the testers while they are doing testing become blind to mistakes in the image. They see whether the image loads properly but they miss out spelling or grammatical or usability mistakes in the image or advertisement banner.  Advertisers use banners to catch the eyes of user so that users get to know about their brand or a product or after clicking they are taken to their homepage where more details are visible and also they have a facility to place an online order thereby making sales of their products.

Flash banners

A banner is not just a banner which loads and we say that it is working fine. There are many other points that are associated with the banner. Below list have few points,

  1. Pre-requisites for loading that flash banner
  2. Loop – Pause – Play and other controls for flash banner exist?
  3. Any links clickable?
  4. On clicking the link where a user it taken?


There are many other points that come into picture which you need to think of. If there is an issue in the banner which is not taking them to the order page then advertisers are losing their business but also they are losing their money as they are paying to advertising agencies for no conversion of their sales or referral.

So now you understand the importance of testing the image or advertisement banner(s).


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