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Monthly Archives: April 2010


One day, a tester was testing mobile phone. He kept it idle for 9 hours and after 9 hours he noticed that there was a restart of the phone that happened automatically without any human intervention. Then, he reported it as a bug with following steps to reproduce, Switch on the phone Keep the phone […]


As-designed – Bugs love this statement

Sometimes after a tester reports a bug, a tester sees that developer has rejected the bug he / she logged. Who are happy here? Bugs are very happy here because they are saved. Just thought of creating a image which would convey a message. Let me know what are your views on this.

Finding bugs with respect to Search Engine Optimization

Before few days I got a thought in my mind that what other things can be tested in a product? Then a idea hit me about “Search Engine Optimization”. I had gone through the rules or AUP of Google search engine which lists the portal in their search results. The rule says, if there is […]

Won MobileAppTesting Logo competition

Before few months there was MobileAppTesting logo competition that was organized by uTest community. I submitted few logo(s) and was waiting for the results to get announced. And today, is the day when the results were announced on uTest forums. I am happy to see that I am winner of MobileAppTesting logo competition.  Logo Designing […]

Blind to non-usable error or alert messages

I was sitting with one of the tester and he was testing a product. He did some action on the functional module and there was some error / alert message thrown and he just clicked “OK” button and proceeded with correcting the error. Then I asked him what the error message was? He said this […]