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uTest Q3 Bug Battle Experience Report


August 6th, the battle began between 23,000+ testers from uTest community. And this time it was between 4 Job Portals. They were,, and & I was aware of only – Famous in India apart from This time there were few changes in the rules, 5 bugs per test cycle and if someone exceeds it then they are disqualified. So there were 5 test cycles, 4 for web and 1 for mobile – So totally a tester can log a maximum of 25 bugs but, it is Quality that matters and not Quantity. This time I had some changes done in my reporting style. It was precise, concise, & to the point. In my reporting style this time I have included information like Tools that I used in my testing activity to facilitate learning to the readers of my bug reports. The video reports were also of less duration – This is learning for me because developers have less time if they are under pressure to have patience to download a huge file and watch the video. I have noticed few things in past bug battles and this bug battle as well – Testers have to remember that attaching video or screenshot is context dependent. If previous winners had video reports attached it doesn’t mean it is BEST PRACTICE – Remember that there are no best practices. There can be good practices for a specific context. Suppose, a bug which can be understood faster by just steps to reproduce need not have video file or a screenshot attached. A bug which can be a GUI or something or you feel that steps to reproduce might not convey a proper message then you can use screenshot attachment. And video if steps are too much or there are different scenarios that you might want to cover to provide coverage on a specific module. So, testers have to learn to be context-dependent than more of process dependent or follow so called best practices even if they do not make sense in particular context.

Note to non-testers who participated or will participate in uTest Bug Battle in future,

  1. Learn testing – You might not know what is a bug and you might think something as a bug and report it.
  2. Learn from others bug reports – How to report? What to include in the bug report? And other information.
  3. Read Tester Help Topics – Do not hurry to participate in projects if you are not confident as it might hurt your rating.
  4. Participate in uTest forum discussions and learn from your fellow members

The above information I am providing because I saw few bug reports which did not convey any information about the bug. May be, the one who wrote that report understands but it is important to understand who the intended readers of bug report are. One of the bug reports which I saw was just one liner for every field that was in the bug report. Please read my blog post about Bug Battle is not about just steps to reproduce – Search for it at uTest blog.

Was I under pressure during this Bug Battle?

Yes, I was as I did not participate from the 1st day. Most of the testing activity that I did was on Thursday and during weekends. I took a lot of time to find quality bugs. I had a filter set for which to report and which not to. Remember that this is not just who reports maximum bugs. Please read the guidelines and follow Bug Battle discussions at uTest forums.

How many bugs did I report?

Till last hour I reported bugs and I reported 19 bugs totally.

Did I participate in Mobile test cycle this time?

In all my previous Bug Battle participation I did not participate in Mobile test cycle. But, this time as I had learning about Mobile Application Testing I jumped on to the test cycle and rocked it. But, I experienced little bit problems in taking screenshot or video from my mobile phone however, this problem made me to explore new tools which can better my testing activity in mobile test cycle in uTest projects and uTest Bug Battle.

Did I spend more time on reading the bug reports of other testers?

Yes, I always do this and it helps me learn and I love experiences – No matter how well or bad they are, because I believe every bad experience is a good experience to learn from it.

Could I have found more interesting bugs than what I did?

Yes, I would have found more interesting bugs if I had started my participation at early times however; I have still found interesting bugs with URL re-direction vulnerability, Brute-Force vulnerability and others.

What tools did I use & what resources did I refer or what did I learn in this Bug Battle?

  1. Perlclip [ Download available at ]
  2. Camstudio – Video capture
  3. WinZip – To compress in order to upload to uTest platform
  4. – More learning about Cross Site Scripting
  5. Learned more about bypassing captcha

Suggestion to uTest crew

I felt that 25 bugs are very much. 20 bug-limits is good enough. However, 5 per test cycle are good enough. I hope you take this into account however; I would want to take what others say about this.

Feedback on Job Portals

1st Place – – Good GUI – More features – Easy navigation – More members

2nd Place – – I liked their style of concluding error messages

3rd Place – – Good one – XSS restriction message – Cool

4th Place – – I liked Publishers thingy

All the best for your next Bug Battle while you are awaiting for results :)



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