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Experience at Bangalore Testers Meet-up #4

It was 0600 PM evening at Bangalore on 28th, August 2010. It was cool climate, looked like it will rain but rain was in favor of our meet-up. At 05:30 PM some of the testers were roaming in forum mall [The venue] and then at 0600 PM we were at Transit in 2nd floor. I was glad to see call from Shivakumar who is a tester from Chennai accompanied by his co-testers. So, this time we had 3 testers coming to Bangalore all the way from Chennai for meeting testers and interacting with them. We just started with some introduction talk while we were waiting for other participants to come. When we had the entire known participants list that had come we started discussions and after some time Pradeep Soundararajan took initiative of starting an exercise. We had 3 laptops and there were 11 participants. So team was split up into 3 [2 teams with 4 members and 1 with 3].

Testing begins,

We were asked to test Microsoft Calculator. My team included, Dhanasekar S – Myself – Nitin Purswani – Shivakumar Mathivanan. I took the control of the laptop where I perform tests which include my test ideas and my team members test ideas. While we were testing Pradeep offered us drink and he got a drink for each of us. Finally, we got 10 issues [Wait, this wasn’t a competition this was an exercise]. We were asked to stop testing as the time got over.

Evaluation begins,

Pradeep Soundararajan started evaluating our reports and asking us questions about strategy – team work, individual contributions to the team and more. He was evaluating based on our answers and our reports and many other criteria.


–      We did not ask any questions

–      We did not have a planned strategy

–      We just jumped on to testing

–      We just listed issues – We did not take down notes and our observation

I had a lot of learning at the end of Bangalore Testers Meet-up #4. Later, we had dinner and left to our home. Now, we are waiting for next meet-up. Want to join us? Then keep yourself updated by following me @santhoshst on Twitter or contact me at +91 98865 46088 to know more about it.

Thanks for your time in reading this blog post and I hope you are ready for the opportunity at next Bangalore Testers Meet-up. Happy weekend.


I have been as a software tester for over 5 years. I am a hands-on tester and I've been winning bug battles & testing competitions across the world. I am a testing enthusiast, who conducts free workshops on security testing across India (Covered locations: Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad & Chennai. Invite him to come to your location), and monthly meets for testers in Bengaluru. I am also an avid testing blogger.

My interests include traveling, driving my SUV, health & fitness and many others. I mentor budding entrepreneurs, testers, teams in any profession.

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  1. Sudhir Bhat wrote:

    Hi santosh….Nice to see your Blog. Lots of info for teh testers to read. Nice to go thru your Blogs. I need a favor from you. Is there any Blogs on selenium? pls let me know

    Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 12:46 am | Permalink
  2. Hi Sudhir, Glad to know that testers are benefited by my blog. On Selenium you can contact Sharath Byregowda as he has explored some of the resources for beginner. His e-mail address is sharu [dot] b [at] gmail [dot] com :)

    Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 12:55 am | Permalink
  3. Sudhir Bhat wrote:

    Thanks santosh. i have mailed him. Awaiting the reply

    Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 5:54 am | Permalink

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