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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Facebook – A bug and my investigation

Security check – For those who do not know why this is done: The image in which you see some words and you are asked to type those for security check is known as “Captcha”. This check is done to confirm if you are a genuine end-user who is a human because humans can recognize […]


Did I choose the right one?

When candidates hear about interviews in Software Testing, the first thing most of them do is go and Google about interview questions and then mug-up them and finally pray to god that the interviewer should be asking the same questions that they found on some interview portal. My interview with my ex-employer was so easy […]

Coaching fresh graduates

Few days ago, I started getting calls from people asking to know about good testing institutes in Bangalore. My answer was – none of them. Then the next question from them was, they want to get trained and now what they should do. I thought about what can be done now, and I thought of […]