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Monthly Archives: April 2011

My journey of learning hacking

Disclaimer: I (Author) do not hold any responsibilities if anyone misuses the information provided here. This is my learning experience and educational blog post for testers who would learn from my experience and give them some tips on starting to learn security testing / hacking. Tip to readers: Please install, “Google Dictionary” from Chrome Webstore […]


Wake up and act

In Software Testing world, I see most of the people talking about definitions, certifications like ISTQB etc. but, what does it help in? I would laugh if it is just for getting jobs? Here customers are fools or people in management are fools that they are encouraging these certifications like ISTQB which have multiple questions […] is back

It’s been nearly a year when I posted a blog post about the launch of BangaloreHackers. At that point of time there was a bookmarking stuff about hacking / security testing. Later, we thought this wasn’t what we wanted to have. We wanted to have discussions happening [Ah! Not definitions which happens in most of […]

Spammers versus captcha

Note to readers: this post doesn’t talk about securing against spam bots completely; my personal belief is that any captcha can be decoded. In this post, I share my learning about the captcha. First time when I saw captcha [I did not know what it was]; I just used to enter it without knowing why […]