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Testing SEO

There are businesses which depend on more member registrations, more activity, spreading about it and attracting people and lot more things. For example let’s say there is a dating website and the webmaster doesn’t have enough money to go for dedicated marketing / merchandize / branding due to insufficient funds. This is the time when search engine optimization plays important role for the webmaster so that the page gets listed in the very early pages so that it can drive traffic to dating website. Having said that it doesn’t mean the one who has money for marketing need not do search engine optimization.

How to test for it?

  • Usage of Meta tags in every page like title, description, keywords – These play very important role as the search spiders are hungry for this information to transfer the details into search engine database.
  • Usage of <title>your title here</title> tag for every page to help spider index the pages properly. Also, use different title for different pages to avoid confusing the spider by not helping it to differentiate between the different pages
  • If you are having company name or product name with <title> in every page then use the following format for better indexing,

Title of the page – Company name | Product Name

  • No spelling or grammatical mistakes, well formatted pages, non-duplicate content (Spiders hate Plagiarism)
  • Sitemap.xml file on your web server and accessible to search engine spiders – If your content is changing consistently for a specific interval then you need to update the sitemap.xml file to give more to spiders
  • Some pages which shouldn’t be indexed need to be added in robots.txt file to help spiders understand what to index and what not to index
  • Understand about how different search engine indexes the page
  • Alt or title attribute for every non-text element


Time spent on testing for SEO

Search engine optimization requires a lot of iterations and monitoring on regular intervals. You need to play with the keywords and then wait to see the results. Also, adding the keywords consistently to your page if the page content changes dynamically and then monitor the results through various search engine optimization tools / utilities / add-ons. According to the me, it is hard to tell how much time can be spent to optimize the website for search engine.


Tools / Utilities / add-on

Woorank  — Website Analysis Tool —

Chrome Webstore app – Chrome SEO


Note that this article gives pointers to how to get started with testing for search engine optimization or help to start with SEO. You need to explore more by reading more articles, discussing with people who have experience in search engine optimization and many other ways to learn.



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