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Do you really understand Usability?

Usability is not a quick meal that could be prepared. Whenever someone talks about some thing in Usability, I usually do not give my opinion because the topic requires a lot of thought process to go behind before providing the conclusion and remember that conclusions might change tomorrow because it is always better factor that what we have today. So, please do not think these conclusions as standards. Some concerns require brainstorming from a group to discuss or argue over the thoughts from individuals.


Few things that I understand and suggest others to understand too,

  1. Usability is not what is usable for you however; you might be one of the end-users too.
  2. Do not change your design based on the feedback from one of the end-user from 100 end-users. The nightmare could be tomorrow for that one change it could reverse wherein, 99 end-users dislike and that one end-user likes.
  3. If your product is for web developers and you are using traditional web components instead of jazzy stuff which fall under Web 2.0 then you are not considered in the competition at the first place.
  4. Do not follow someone just because they are quite well-known in the field of usability. What you need to do is – Question yourself these things, how this design helps end-user from the current one? Is it an intelligent change that we are making to our system? Why are we making this change? (Classic example: Gmail was good before till it got its new version released where there are GUI changes and most of us do not like it compared to the earlier versions).
  5. Ask this question to other testers in your team, how do you feel about the GUI of this product? Is it engaging? Attractive? Does it achieve the goals for which it is built for?


For those who are enthusiastic about “Usability and User eXperience” here are some sources which they could make use of,



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