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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Security Testing Checklist for Web Application

I have created the checklist for security testing for web application. I have divided it into different components like registration, password, security question and security answer and others. For any discussion you might want to start on security testing I recommend you to register at and also thought I would do a bit of […]


Full disclosure of facebook bugbusters app security vulnerabilities

A bit of overview about BugBusters BugBusters is a facebook app launched by uTest which is a crowd-sourcing community for software testing. This game is a flash game and to look at the game or play the game please visit   This game was launched as a contest which had 3 prizes being first […]

An awesome test for testers; take the challenge now.

I am not sure if this kind of contest has been launched in the past. Without thinking about it, let me welcome you all testers to this contest. The idea behind this contest is to know the thoughts of tester in various contexts which you can see below.   There are 18 questions / contexts […]

No security testing? Then be ready for nightmare

Most of the applications that are released to the world are not tested for security quality criteria. However; most of them with confidence say; “Our privacy policy safeguards you against hackers and attackers” but, it is a fake policy rather than privacy policy. I have seen web applications that are used by large set of […]