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Santhosh Tuppad is the Founder of Test Insane Software Testing Services ( He was previously Co-Founder, VP of Security Testing Services & Software Tester at Moolya Software Testing Private Limited ( He also recently won the uTest Top Tester of the Year 2010 apart from winning several testing competitions from uTest and Zappers. Santhosh specializes in the exploratory testing approach and his core interests are security, usability and accessibility amidst other quality criteria. Santhosh loves writing and he has a blog at: He has also authored several articles and crash courses. He attends conferences and confers with testers he meets. Santhosh is known for testing skills and if you are passionate in testing, feel free to contact him at: Twitter: santhoshst | Skype: santhosh.s.tuppad

His hobbies include playing high definition games, flash games and while he is in shopping mall there is no day when he has not visited computers store, gadgets store. He likes to travel, spend time alone sometimes, his taste for music depends on the situation.


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