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This page contains the list of Indian bloggers on Software Testing. If you want to get your blog added here please e-mail me at & wait for my reply :)

  1. Pradeep Soundararajan – TesterTested
  2. Parimala Shankaraiah – CuriousTester
  3. Sharath Byregowda – TestToTester
  4. Ajay Balamurugadas – EnjoyTesting
  5. Manoj Nair – TestingRedefined
  6. Mohit Verma – TestingNook
  7. Santosh Shukla – ProudTester
  8. Vipul Kocher – Eternal Student
  9. Dhanasekar S – Pragmatist
  10. Nandagopal R – Testing My Way
  11. Madhukar Jain – A Rapid Tester
  12. Shrini Kulkarni – Thinking Tester
  13. Mandeep Singh – Testers Planet “A creative destruction”
  14. SaiPavan Gubba’s blog
  15. Krishnaveni – Passionate Tester
  16. Amit Kulkarni – Bug Teaser
  17. Deepthi J C’s Blog
  18. Bharath S – Ticket Number
  19. Jigar Patel – Quick Start for Beginner
  20. LN’s Testing Blog – TESTER by INSTINCT, not by CHANCE.
  21. Manjinder’s Blog
  22. Sudhamshu’s blog – A Sane Tester
  23. Shiva Mathivanan’s blog – A Sapient Tester
  24. Mansi Rao’s blog – Testing Summit
  25. Yagnesh Shah’s blog – A budding tester
  26. Sunil Kumar’s blog – Vivid Tester
  27. Malini Mohan Kumar’s blog – MaliTheNerd
  28. Prasanna Kumar Sabat’s Blog – PrasannaSabat
  29. Deepak Malladad’s Blog – Deepak Malladad
  30. Vipin Vinchurkar’s Blog – TestersJournal
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Software Tester, Product Innovator, Security Enthusiast at Test Insane Software Testing Services
I have been as a software tester for over 5 years. I am a hands-on tester and I've been winning bug battles & testing competitions across the world. I am a testing enthusiast, who conducts free workshops on security testing across India (Covered locations: Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad & Chennai. Invite him to come to your location), and monthly meets for testers in Bengaluru. I am also an avid testing blogger.

My interests include traveling, driving my SUV, health & fitness and many others. I mentor budding entrepreneurs, testers, teams in any profession.
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