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Do you read books? Do testers know about good books?

Most of the software testers do not read books – Why? They do not have time? Or they think reading won’t help [ Yes, certification books doesn’t help ]? Or some reason that they also do not know about what it is? I always suggest testers to read books and I get different answers and […]



One day, a tester was testing mobile phone. He kept it idle for 9 hours and after 9 hours he noticed that there was a restart of the phone that happened automatically without any human intervention. Then, he reported it as a bug with following steps to reproduce, Switch on the phone Keep the phone […]

Bugs are smart? Aren’t they?

I love bugs and love to play with them ( I play hide and seek game with them, where bugs hide and I seek them ). But, I also understand that some bugs are smart. So this post talks about how a tester fails to recognize a bug even if it was in front of […]