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Security Testing – Help your customers from being victimized

Hunger for data Hackers are always hungry about getting access to treasure which is related to data which they can sell to your competitors or use it for their own purpose. They will be on patrol and big organizations are their targets where they can make big news and also get the data of the […]


No security testing? Then be ready for nightmare

Most of the applications that are released to the world are not tested for security quality criteria. However; most of them with confidence say; “Our privacy policy safeguards you against hackers and attackers” but, it is a fake policy rather than privacy policy. I have seen web applications that are used by large set of […]

Stories from Organizations – Part I

In this blog post I am going to talk about some stories of testers – These might or might not be real stories but you can relate this to your working in an organization or might have experienced. Story #1 – Decrease in bug count for various reasons There was a tester who was hired […]