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Social Engineering Attacks – Helping you from NOT being victimized (Part I)

You might have got calls many times saying, “Sir, we are calling from ‘X’ bank. This is a call to update our records if any changes. Can you please verify your Date of Birth, Your Birth Location” – The questions might differ. And you answer all the questions. My question to you is, do you […]


Bangalore Testers Meet-up #5 today!

I am happy to announce that we are nearing “Bangalore Testers Meet-up #5”. We are expecting new faces this time. For those who are new to this meet-up let me help you with what is this. As simple as the title says, testers from Bangalore [Even testers who have come from different location but are […]

Experience at Bangalore Testers Meet-up #4

It was 0600 PM evening at Bangalore on 28th, August 2010. It was cool climate, looked like it will rain but rain was in favor of our meet-up. At 05:30 PM some of the testers were roaming in forum mall [The venue] and then at 0600 PM we were at Transit in 2nd floor. I […]

Bangalore Testers Meet-up #4

We are happy to announce that we will be having Bangalore testers meet-up on August 28th, 2010 which is Saturday. Without further ado, let us share the venue details and time etc. Venue: 2nd Floor, Transit, Forum Mall – Koramangala Time: 0600 0200 0600 PM IST [ We are back to 0600 PM IST – […]