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My First Step Towards Mobile Security Testing

Looking at the title it doesn’t mean that I have conquered web security testing totally. And it wouldn’t make sense to me if I said; I would conquer web security totally before I die. It is such a vast area of study and keeps on going and going just like we do not know where […]

uTest Q3 Bug Battle Experience Report

Overview August 6th, the battle began between 23,000+ testers from uTest community. And this time it was between 4 Job Portals. They were,, and & I was aware of only – Famous in India apart from This time there were few changes in the rules, 5 bugs per test […]

LG GW620 Android Phone – Touch screen stopped working

It was few days that I had purchased new LG GW620 Android phone and the touch screen stopped working. I used to press on “Menu” and it used to open “Messages” which was beside Menu. It was impossible for me to open Menu and also it was impossible to press the numbers like 3,6,9 which […]