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CAPTCHA testing – Dedicated to Andy Glover

The reason that I started to write this blog post is because Andy Glover initiated the topic about CAPTCHA testing on Twitter. I had already written about captcha in one of my blog post here but, that was part of other title and very less was covered in it. That is why I thought of […]


Spammers versus captcha

Note to readers: this post doesn’t talk about securing against spam bots completely; my personal belief is that any captcha can be decoded. In this post, I share my learning about the captcha. First time when I saw captcha [I did not know what it was]; I just used to enter it without knowing why […]

SQL Injection, Password cracking attack & more

I know many few testers who do hardcore security testing. They use cool tools which are open source for their testing activity. Today, I am going to list few things that might be of your help in your testing activity for security quality criteria. Web Application –          SQL Injection You might have heard about this. […]