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START THINKING LIKE A CRIMINAL You heard it right! Thinking like a criminal is one of the important ingredients for security testing aspirants or enthusiasts who want to reach the next level of hacking. I quote this always in my talk – To become a better hacker, think like a criminal while you have self-control to not commit […]


10 Myths of Security Testing

My talk on Security Testing at Kristu Jayanti College – Feb 16th

It all started when I had been Kristu Jayanti College to participate in the talk provided by Parimala Hariprasad (She blogs at Her talk was on “Software testing and Career opportunities”. I got a reference to Mr. Ramanathan who had organized it. I added him on Gmail and Facebook as well. I had talked […]

FREE Security Testing Workshop By Santhosh Tuppad in Bengaluru

It has been months now, I planned to conduct a security testing workshop in Namma Bengaluru for free to the enthusiasts / aspirants. I have already finished half a day workshop in Chennai and now it’s time for “Namma Bengaluru”. And then I have planned for Hyderabad and then Gurgaon / Delhi / Noida region. […]

Security Testing – Help your customers from being victimized

Hunger for data Hackers are always hungry about getting access to treasure which is related to data which they can sell to your competitors or use it for their own purpose. They will be on patrol and big organizations are their targets where they can make big news and also get the data of the […]