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Top 5 Things Every Software Tester Should Know About Communities & e-Magazines


Finally, “tested” conference is here at Bangalore, India – By Moolya

Today, I am going to share some awesome news with all my blog readers. We (Moolya Software Testing Private Limited) are organizing the “tested” conference for the first time on December 05th, 2012. More than anyone I am just excited to witness the success of the conference. The website which we have made live will […]

Highlights of my life for 2012

1. My girlfriend broke up with me (I did not, she did and I moved on) 2. Met Justin Hunter (Founder at Hexawise) and Shmuel Gershon (Software Tester) 3. Enjoyed much more than any year till date (Personal & Professional) 4. Made more friends this year than any year 5. Authored security / hacking / […]

CAPTCHA testing – Dedicated to Andy Glover

The reason that I started to write this blog post is because Andy Glover initiated the topic about CAPTCHA testing on Twitter. I had already written about captcha in one of my blog post here but, that was part of other title and very less was covered in it. That is why I thought of […]

How do I start security testing?

There are many testers and hacking aspirants who write to me seeking guidance to learn security testing / hacking. I prepared a list to send for everyone. Then I thought of publishing the same on my blog so that I just give out my blog post URL and then can see it here. Even it […]