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I disagree with Jakob Nielsen’s STOP password masking article

While I refer to for usability related articles and I do recommend to many testers as well. However, I filter out which doesn’t make sense to me rather than following something blindly. Darren McMillan, a tester and my friend posted a tweet with the following URL and after reading it, I felt most […]


A quick usability cooking through mindmap

Do you really understand Usability?

Usability is not a quick meal that could be prepared. Whenever someone talks about some thing in Usability, I usually do not give my opinion because the topic requires a lot of thought process to go behind before providing the conclusion and remember that conclusions might change tomorrow because it is always better factor that […]

Designing error messages – A Challenge

I see in some of the products functionality is very robust but poor design of error messages and some of the testers are blind to them even without testing them. As a programmer or a tester you might understand what the error is when even it is not well formed. But put yourself in customer’s […]

Usability – Modeling different kind of end-users

While testing for usability I model myself as different kind of users. But, before doing so; I always try to know about for who this product has been developed. This helps me not to fall in the trap where I will be wasting my time as well as effort in modeling different kind of users […]