How organizational culture helps in success or failure?


There are many non-technical aspects that made a team successful in a project. I am able to tell this because I have faced these in my professional life. For a quick introduction, look at what Wikipedia says about Organizational Culture. Following some tips would surely make your life better considering professional life.

Gossiping can be wrong if handled wrongly

People do not like someone talking about them in a negative way. Generally, people who are gossiping think that the victim is not aware of it. However, the pathetic situation is when the victim gets to know that there are people who are gossiping. They break down and start focusing their energy on those people while their productivity does get hampered. Productivity involves thinking aspect as well which is focused elsewhere now. Are you having a watch on it? On the contrary, something beautiful that I read about positive side of gossiping can be found here.

No kidding, you are dealing with humans
I have seen lot of team activities in organizations to bring people closer. However, I did not like few or many of them. To showcase one of the examples, let us say; team is on an excursion and there is a singing competition or people are asked to dance. In this case, some may be not interested or feel shy or they are introverts or they are extroverts. I have seen people making fun of such people & finally saying, I was just kidding. Well, be informed that; you might be hurting someone when you were kidding.

Apologies do help to heal
I am fan of asking apologies if I feel the person was hurt. Here, let me make it clear that saying apologies is not about right or wrong. It is about saying, you got hurt and I care so that we can take our team member relationship to a higher extent and do well in our life. There is no harm in apologizing to your managers or sub-ordinates. However, some people refuse to apologize because he / she did not feel sorry. Well, it is not about feeling, but more of other factors which you can find here. Finally, it is empathy. What do you think?

No blame game or taunts
When I work with team members and if someone did not do the work well or goofed up with something; I do not get angry or blame them. Instead, I say; no problem let us do it together or else I say, “How may I help you?” Understand that there is no point in getting angry because it may make things worse rather than fixing. So, better change things with love and achieve success. Have you ever done it?

Be conscious about words
There is way of asking questions when you are dealing with humans. If someone is introvert and you ask him or her “Are you an introvert?” can make that person feel bad thinking that “Introvert is negative”. Well, it is a way of life. However, not many understand them and treat it to be negative. Instead one can say, “Do you like to speak in conferences” which can indirectly answer and can act as heuristics.

Five mantras to be a good team member

  • Inspire
  • Encourage
  • Motivate
  • Respect
  • Do not go personal

DISCLAIMER: This varies from organization to organization and depends on the people in the team. These are not strict rules, but context dependent [Example: Sometimes “Just Kidding” may not hurt and may actually improve the bonding between two persons or a group]. One needs to be conscious of how he / she is behaving.

NOTE: Also, on the other hand; you may want to become stronger to handle such people who irritate or who have cruel intentions whenever they speak or behave [You may ignore or speak out to them, it is your choice while both of them work]. That can help you to focus on your goals and not make the noise to enter you. Wishing you all a happy living.






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