Beautiful lady in the picture is my mom who has been taking care of me since I was a baby. She never got tired of me with my stupidity, irritating moments, fights & lot more. She has great energy even today to support me in living my life happily. I have learned many things from her & I love her a lot for always being there for me. In summary, she is the only one on this planet earth who understands me very well.

Never give up when you love something

I have given her a lot of pain, but she always gave me unconditional love. I never understood her pain, while she gave me so much of happiness by loving me so much without any conditions. She is a great fighter in her life. Sometimes I think, she has been cooking, washing clothes, taking care of us when we were ill! And she never gave up. That’s a learning for me from my mother that, “Never give up” when you love to do something. I say this to my mom, I will learn cooking and feed you as I’m big enough and mature enough to take care of you now.

Give without expecting to receive

When I look back, whatever she has done for me; it was not with any intention of receiving it back. It was like, “Son, I have got your back; go and do what you love to and be happy”. Today, I give to people or community or help people without expecting anything back, and trust me; I feel like I’m on Cloud 9 when I do that.

My childhood days

I still remember how she used to console me when I used to cry for several reasons. I still remember, the Rice and Dal Rasam she used to make it for me and used to walk to my school during lunch hours to feed me. I had fantasy towards remote control cars & toys, she never said “No”; somehow she used to manage the money and get me those which could make me smile. She could never see my hurt, it used to hurt her in turn.

My Engineering days

There were days when she wrote my assignments so that I could rest (I’m laughing while I write this). When I used to sit late night hours to study before the exam, she used to be awake and get me fresh fruit juice or be it some snacks while she also cared about my sleep. I had a great moral support from her. She is my hero.

She doesn’t get irritated towards my stupidity, instead she helps me!

I have this habit of over thinking or sometimes it could be Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Well, most of us have it in different levels is what I feel). Most of the people get irritated when I speak certain things or dig something or get stuck on one topic for longer time, but my mother has hell of patience when it comes to his son. She listens calmly, she doesn’t argue, she doesn’t get irritated; the only reason she does it is, she wants to be happy and she knows what I have been through and I am going through.

During my “Entrepreneur” days

She never questioned, “Why?” Instead she said, go ahead and do what your heart says. That’s important for your life. Do not take things into your head what the world says about you or about the things that you want to do in your life, be it personal or professional; just go ahead. Just be happy my dear son, this is what she says always. Love You Amma (Amma is equivalent word in Kannada language in Karnataka, India).

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Well, it is just one day, but I would like to see you happy always like how you want to see me happy always. So, “Happy Mothers Day To You Always”. My wishes go to all the mothers in the world!

Last, but not least; I love my pappa (Father) a lot and not to forget that I love Rice + Dal Rasam prepared by him whenever my amma (Mother) would be not keeping well. And my elder brother “Sandeep Tuppad” rocks too. He has been there with me in my ups and downs in life when there was great need of someone who could support me. In summary, my family is great & I love my family.

Finally, this blog post is very short to write about my amma. She rocks like her lovely son, that’s me 🙂






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