Friday, January 11, 2013

It all started when I had been Kristu Jayanti College to participate in the talk provided by Parimala Hariprasad (She blogs at Her talk was on “Software testing and Career opportunities”. I got a reference to Mr. Ramanathan who had organized it. I added him on Gmail and Facebook as well. I had talked to him long back about organizing “Security Testing / Hacking” workshop for the interested students at his college. Today, he pinged me and asked me about the details and here I go, it’s on February 16th which is Saturday. I would conduct the workshop for 4 hours. I have asked the organizer to make it 2 parts where 4 hours remaining would be conducted the sooner weekend or later.


  1. History of hacking
  2. Different opinions and definitions of hacking
  3. Social Engineering Attacks
  4. Current threats & vulnerabilities
  5. Becoming a security researcher
  6. Selling your vulnerabilities
  7. Responsible & full disclosure
  8. Resources
  9. Discussion

This is not a hands-on workshop. This is more about initial start for participants to know about hacking. And anyone who is interested to take it as a further learning can take it up.

To the students (Kristu Jayanti College) who might be reading this, you are going to might experience something awesome in your life-time.

I want to spread about hacking to more and more people. If you think that you know some college and students are interested in this topic, then please write to me at or tweet @santhoshst or just comment on this blog post.

Last but not least, I am very good at boasting about myself. So, please help me to be much better at it by sharing this blog post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or whatever place you want to. You are free to do it and awesome thing about it is, I do not charge for sharing *Grins*.






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