Saturday, September 15, 2012

It had been months together since I was thinking of talking on “Software Testing” to the PG and UG students at Reva ITM and it has been finally decided. The date is September 29th, 2012 which falls on Saturday. I thank Mr. Abhijit Saralay who triggered this when I talked about talk of Parimala Hariprasad in Kristu Jayanti College before few days. Then I said, “Of course I would glad to do it and I had a plan of doing it from before”. He took this forward with the concerned team at his college and we are good to go.

It would be half day talk with hands-on demonstration of some of the testing activity based on few quality attributes. It would be like, samples of ice cream that we get to taste before buying out the specific flavor of ice cream. I would give demo in such a manner however; it is not about which quality attribute they like (Looks like I gave a bad example however; I assume that you got the context).

Token of Thanks

I thank below people for being positive on the discussion,

  1. Mr. RanaPratap Reddy (Principal)
  2. Mr. Sathish G.C.
  3. Mr. Anand Shankar
  4. Mr. Ashwin Kumar
  5. Ms. Bharathi
  6. Ms. Rohini Deshpande
  7. Mr. Abhijit Saralay
  8. Last but, not least; Mr. Prashanth K Bharadwaj (Co-founder of Be Practical)

If I have missed anyone, please let me know. Thanks!

Note for students

This will not be yet another talk which is normally boring and you keep yawning. This will be one of the talks which might change your life or else even if you it doesn’t change then at least you will have some learning as a take away.  And I would like to say that, there would be a great surprise and I am not going to reveal this but, yes; there will be a surprise which you will love it to the core. Do not miss the opportunity.

I will feel sorry for you people if you miss it. You must be honored to receive the talk by me (I am very good at bragging myself and that’s one of the good quality in me).






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