It has been months now, I planned to conduct a security testing workshop in Namma Bengaluru for free to the enthusiasts / aspirants. I have already finished half a day workshop in Chennai and now it’s time for “Namma Bengaluru”. And then I have planned for Hyderabad and then Gurgaon / Delhi / Noida region.

What’s the agenda?

  1. Introduction to Hacking
  2. Social Engineering Attacks
  3. Web Application Hacking
  4. Bug Advocacy for vulnerabilities
  5. WTF are these? White / Black / Gray Hat
  6. Legalities when you are in hacking business
  7. Earn while you hack (Ethical)
  8. Exercises
  9. Quiz
  10. Discussion / Arguments / Fights (Not physical) / Planning for the next workshop

Date and Time

We will have this on December 15th, 2012. We have been always seeing workshops starting at morning 9 or 10. Well, there is a difference here. We will start it from 11 AM. Well, there is no reasoning behind this. Just like that. Being a weekend, sleep a bit more and have your breakfast. Then let us begin hacking. It is important that you have good night sleep and good breakfast because hacking coaching demands it (Grins).



Anil Nair (G.M ) 15th Cross,Ring Road, J.P Nagar, II Phase,
Bangalore – 560078
Phone – 08 40761500 / 09731766305

Questions / clarifications

If you have anything to ask me, then please write to me at or comment on this blog post.






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