Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This blog post I am dedicating to Yagnesh H Shah, who is a Software Tester and works at Moolya Software Testing Private Limited. Today (September 18th, 2012), is his birthday and I thought let me wish him in a different way by expressing my views about him via this blog post. This kid is someone special that I have met in my life that has got different set of good qualities in him. Few include,

  1. Learning attitude
  2. Passion for “Software Testing”
  3. Willingness to listen to what others are saying
  4. Creative work
  5. A good blogger – I have not seen the style of writing which he does and I totally appreciate the same. Let any other newbie in “Software Testing” challenge him in his writing

What is it that makes me think he is going to be the future leader, huh?

Well, my answer doesn’t have logical reasoning. It’s just a confidence that I have in him. Yagnesh, I hope you are seeing this and make it true. I know, you are going to be the leader. I can visualize him doing the following set of activities,

  1. Speaking in conferences
  2. Coaching budding testers
  3. Motivating / Inspiring the next generation testers
  4. Helping experienced testers to test better
  5. Taking initiatives in “Software Testing” space
  6. Writing for e-magazines

And everything that he could do as a great software tester *Grins*. In the age group that he belongs to, I respect him for the skills that he has got along with dedication and commitment levels. It’s just awesome! Sometimes I feel even “awesome” word is less to describe him for what he is doing at Moolya.

Happy Birthday, Yagnesh. I am running out of money and I could not think any better gift than writing this blog post (ROFL). Have a great life ahead and do what you love which you are already doing.

Have a great birthday and party is a MUST. Rock it, boy.






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