Testing Toolkit for Desktop Applications in Windows

Testing Windows Desktop applications is a different mind-set and skill-set. I thought of letting the world know about the software’s that I use in my testing of Windows Desktop Applications. Most of them or all of them are freeware / open-source. Thanks to OSI community and freeware community.

  • Process Explorer (Part of sysinternals) – Coverage on strings programmed into *.exe
  • API Watcher – Move the cursor and get to know details of the API used in *.exe
  • Task Manager – Helps in many ways – Brainstorm them 🙂
  • Perlclip – Test Data – Download it at satisfice.com
  • Log Generator – There are many software(s) which help you in logging everything you do with a *.exe
  • Different types of anti-virus [McAfee, Trend Micro, Norton, Kaspersky]
  • Hex Editors
  • Disassemblers – Learn assembly code
  • DLL decoders
  • Beyond Compare – Compare two files [ Good to use if you have got source code ]
  • Explore about security vulnerabilities for various *.exe and try to find if same vulnerability exists on the product that is under test – Search in various vulnerability / exploit database
  • Explore on Code Coverage tools
  • Use Autoit to automate some checks
  • Download Sysinternals suite
  • XML Editor / Notepad++ / EditPlus – Did  you only know Notepad? 😀
  • Know the programming languages used in the code
  • Learn batch programming
  • Remote Desktop tools — mstsc [Run shortcut], VNCTeamViewer [I have tried this and works cool].

I can go on and on. Please comment with the list of tools that you use. Feel free to share this on facebook / twitter / LinkedIn / Digg / Reddit / StumbleUpon etc.






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